Adendorff Architects & Interiors | Port Elizabeth | South Africa
A multi-disciplinary firm, AAI strives to imbed each place and spatial experience we create with a sense of unity. We believe that no building should be designed in isolation, and that a fundamental relationship exists between the interior space and the architecture which forms it, further extending out to acknowledge each building as part of a bigger built environment and context.

This approach allows us to instil each project we undertake, from single room exhibitions to multi-million rand community projects, with the fundamental realisation that it is designed as a whole entity, from inside out, fully integrated with its surroundings.

AAI has a multitude of design talents who possess individual and collective passion, and work closely together to give form to conceptual ideas rooted in the need to create very special spacial experiences.
dendorff Architects and Interiors (AAI) is a practice that prides itself on creating meaningful, lasting experiences in architecture, achieved by approaching the design and production of a project from a holistic manner.
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Green Building Council Member